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This is BIG. We need your help. Right now.

What’s the secret to success?

Hard work and smarts can only get you so far. When opportunity knocks, you have to answer the door, ready or not. To achieve success, you’ve got have faith – you have to believe in what you’re doing.

Construction is well underway for the new Chabad at Midtown Jewish Center! We need a final push to complete our financing. Because our community needs this place, has been dreaming about it for some time, and we can't wait any longer. The foundation has been poured, construction has begun, and all that is needed is $360,000 to complete the financing so we can continue to build on schedule.

Join Remero Britto in supporting Chabad at Midtown's Jewish Center!

In support of our final push to complete the Chabad at Midtown Jewish Center. The famed, Miami-based artist Romero Britto has designed a one-of-a-kind kippah to convey through art the message of love, unity, and prosperity that we hope to bring to this community. Click here for more information

Our Goal: $360,000 in 3 months

to complete the financing needs for the new Chabad at Midtown Jewish Center – a proud testament to the vibrancy of Jewish life in Midtown Miami. A stunning new home that will serve our fast growing community for years to come.

We greenlighted construction because we have faith in what we’re building together, because we believe in you – our friends and community – to step up and help make it happen.


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Thank you! Together we did it!
Goal:  $360,000

We Thank Our Recent Partners
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Herbert Furase
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