Maamar Moment

Mondays at 7:00 am | with Rabbi Shmuel Gopin

This inspirational study of the Chassidic Classic provides a rarefied and illuminating mystical perspective of Jewish concepts. Much more than academic mystical philosophy, these teachings resonate with relevancy.

Tanya Teachings

Tuesdays at 8:30 pm | with Rabbi Shmuel Gopin

Foundational concepts in Jewish spirituality clarified. Drawing on selected excerpts of the Mystical classic “Tanya,” each topic is structured as a miniseries. The Kabbalah’s ancient wisdom on the human condition, and the inner mechanics of the Jewish soul made relevant.

prayer perspective

Thursdays 7:00 am | with Rabbi Shmuel Gopin

An in-depth understanding and insight into our daily prayers

What is prayer meant to achieve? What is the structure and meaning of the prayers?

A key element of our relationship with our Creator is to “serve Him with all your heart.” The word serve in Hebrew is avodah, which carries the sense of laborious work. But what kind of labor can the heart do to serve G d? The classic Jewish answer is that this is Tefillah: a labor of awakening the hidden love within the heart until a state of intimate union with the divine is achieved.


The Chasidic reader

Shabbat 9:15am - With Rabbi Shmuel Gopin

The mind expanding Chasidic philosophy teachings for an uplifting and meaningful living 


Parsha Perspectives

With Chana Gopin

An inspirational bi-weekly dose of Torah study from the weekly Torah portion accompanied by the classic commentaries and a relevant teaching of the late Lubavitcher Rebbe. Each lesson stands alone, attend any or every day.

Contact Chana for details at [email protected]